A gavel strikes in decisive declaration Sifting justice, right from wrong With firmness forged in fearless fairness. That courage hardly flourish in dishonesty, When integrity of your intent equates not Your pretentious action and words. So wash your hands off, rinse and towel your hands. Pilate, Pontius enough to know the truth Yet hush it... Continue Reading →

DYSFUNCTION: The Ant Management Fable

A CORPORATE GOVERNANCE STORY 🐜 Ant arrives at work very early and starts work immediately. 🐜 She produces a lot and she was happy. The Chief, 🐯 a Tiger, was surprised to see that 🐜 the Ant was working without supervision. 🐯 He thought if the 🐜 Ant can produce so much without supervision, wouldn’t... Continue Reading →


I leave this stone of igneous truth here. Durable against scheming weather, Not soluble in the hate on serve. Here it awaits, your chorus of avowal. Soon veils will drop and canines bared, Embrace will become chains of bondage. Old serpent’s coil will suffocate happiness, Juice promised to all now for a privileged few. You... Continue Reading →


I have tried to constantly preach a positive mental attitude during this Covid-19 pandemic currently plaguing the world and Ghana. But deep within me I know I have a recurring love/hate affair with viruses, beginning with a couple of scary viral infections in my infancy, according to my mother, Auntie Nurse. Then in secondary school,... Continue Reading →


Just waiting for this tear drop to roll down my cheekand i shall unleash hell.This pain seeks a bloody sacrifice For every tear shed,a pint of fresh blood will spillin atonement.weilding a blunt double edged sword of hurt,Slash! Splash! Bloody… I lick! I race time, O God of the sun,Light upon my path this day,Like... Continue Reading →


Vultures! come and feed, Executioner's kill, serve yourselves. blood sensed so hyenas-alert? Fresh for the taking, pounds of flesh. Break bones and tear bloody meat, Of a lifeless carcass, no hunting strength required. You are not a hungry pack, you just kill for fun, To feed your egos and petty devils. Hyenas! Come have a... Continue Reading →


JORDAN HENDERSON. A different kind of leader Liverpool needed. They needed him to replace an ageing beloved legend, Steven Gerrard, in midfield. Jordan hardly moved a limb without being compared unfavorably by Anfield fans to the iconic Stevie G. But he was not Gerrard and did not want to be. He wanted to be himself... Continue Reading →


Take me back to serenity To sanity, back to the sanctity of self, Lure me back Haul or abduct me if need be, Back to placid. Rein my brain to drain off disdain. Heal the zeal to repeal the ordeal, Tranquility, a yearn... astusNov2019


Many loyal fans of English football club Tottenham Hotspur, from North London, a cross the United Kingdom to all parts of the world are experiencing an almost unbelievable moment with their beloved club! A very respected club with a decent history ( since 1882) has for over decades been made to endure second class honours... Continue Reading →

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